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Landscape Architecture Network Use Agreement

Students are required to read and agree with the Landscape Architecture Network Use Agreement to receive access to the computers in studio and other department resources. Failure to complete this will result in denial of studio and other department resources.

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Landscape Architecture Network Use Agreement

Work areas in each design studio are assigned during the first week of classes each semester. You are assigned a drafting table, computer worktable, borco table cover, parallel rule, and computer workstation. Digital design studio access requires studio fees to be paid for general use, maintenance, and printing/plotting (non-refundable).

Your work area assignment is for one term (first day of classes to last day of exams). At the end of the semester each student is expected to participate in a group clean-up to tidy the studio. It is the responsibility of each studio instructor to coordinate the timing of the End-of-Semester cleanup and checkout.  

You are expected to keep this area clean and leave your area in a clean fashion at the end of each term and to remove all of your belongings by the date of account termination.  No materials will be stored for students over the summer. No exceptions are allowed.

In addition to the following rules, all students are also subject to University of Maryland Policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources. Policies can be found at

General Rules: Design Studios, Classrooms, and Printing

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension, restriction, or denial of network or computer accessibility.

  1. Do not cut on any surface of your drafting table or computer work table. Do not use the parallel rule for cutting. Do not spray adhesives on the borco cover or use any spray paints in the studio.  The construction lab should be used for cutting and application of adhesives.  Do not remove the borco or parallel rule at any time.
  2. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the GIS lab, 2137.
  3. Each student is assigned a workstation that includes a workstation computer, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the studios 2148, 2150, 2152, 2154, 2156, and 1144. Workstations and monitors are locked down and no workstation will be removed from the studio for any reason. Keyboards and mouse may be moved at user’s discretion for proper ergonomics. You are responsible for your workstation computer and its components and it is your responsibility to turn over a clean work area for the next term. Any problems with workstations should be reported immediately to Technical Support (; or in person in Room 2139B). If your workstation computer, keyboard, LCD monitor, or mouse is damaged due to misuse, negligence or abuse then you are responsible for the replacement cost of the damaged component(s). End-of-Semester checkout will include a visual check that original equipment is present and in working order.
  4. Your assigned workstation is for your use only and designated for LARC program related classes and projects. The workstations shall not be used by students outside the LARC program. Use by friends, spouses or commercial use is prohibited.  
  5. Not-for-profit favors and/or profit-making activities such as flyers, posters, development and sale of software or digital materials, unapproved work, or contract work unrelated and not approved by the Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture is prohibited.
  6. Workstations will have preinstalled software.  Students are not allowed to install additional software unless approved by Technical Support.  Requests for additional software are encouraged and should be forwarded to Technical Support.
  7. Personal files need to be backed up and stored on the students’ own external hard drive and or cloud service. At the end of each term personal files will be deleted from studio workstations.
  8. The Department is not responsible for lost or corrupt student files. The department does not backup student files.
  9. All workstations will be password protected and this same password will be your network access. The System Administrator and Instructor of Record will also have access to your workstation. Your password is your safeguard, keep it completely confidential.
  10. Do not remove keyboards, mouse or cause any other damage to your work area.
  11. Please do not display questionable or sensitive material on the computer at any time.
  12. All network accounts will be terminated at the end of the spring semester.
  13. Printing is for your use only and designated for LARC program related classes and projects.  The printing devices are not for students outside the LARC program, friends, spouses, commercial use, or classes outside the LARC curriculum (not required for the LARC degree). Periodic checks will be made on the printers and any printout found to be in violation of the above written rule will result in a penalty charge of 50 cents /page or $8.00/square foot for plots.
  14. The LARC program will offer a variety of equipment to accommodate your needs on a checkout basis. Technical Support will control the checkout of all equipment. Any damaged equipment must be replaced or professionally repaired at the discretion of Technical Support.

Acceptance Declaration

I have read and understood the provisions and legal restrictions described above governing the use of University of Maryland and Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture computing resources referenced in this agreement.  I further understand that if the terms of this agreement are violated, the Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture may issue a warning, deny access to computing resources, refer for prosecution, or administer other penalties, depending upon the nature of the infraction.

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